Let Instagram Do The Talking

Like a virtual scrapbook, Instagram can shape the essence of what your brand stands for and connect you with collaborators and engaged customers. The following Instagram accounts engage fans with clever dialogue, increase followers with enviable imagery and cross promote to influencers and like-minded brand partners.

We love the following Instagram accounts and think that the content has been crafted in inventive ways to effectively connect their aesthetics, values and sales messages to customers. Each of the following examples sticks to regular content themes to help set expectations for their audiences, resulting in a continuous growth of followers.

Local Supply

Local Supply is an Australian brand designing everyday sunglasses that are stylish and affordable. Their tagline “leisure over luxury”, acts as the key content theme driving their Instagram posts. Sun drenched photography, travel destinations and daydreamy copy champion and promote a lifestyle of exploration and freedom.

Clever Content:

– Product shots of Local Supply’s sunglasses range are situated in enviable locations. This helps transport fans to the scene, driving inclusion and engagement in the product story.

– This account is essentially a product catalogue, the creative and comical tone make it a subtle and friendly sales pitch. No prices are ever mentioned.

– Reposted images by reputable fashion and travel bloggers are repeatedly used as models and influencers. They represent an “everyday” personality that is easier for fans to relate to than celebrity endorsements.

Kip & Co

This boutique bedding and lifestyle company create rich textiles for a colourful home. Their Instagram content sets them up as kaleidoscopic experts, thanks to their keen eye for colour palates and pattern. Through imagery rich in colour and pattern, Kip & Co paint a picture of the good life. A life of bedroom comforts and of keeping cosy and stylish in bathrobes, throws and other little home luxuries.

Clever Content:

– Product launches and news are interspersed between sourced editorial images, which are immaculately shot and styled, oozing a mood of luxury. This clever clash of product announcements alongside stunning, found images associates their products with the same high-end finish and “must have” status.

– Design references and processes are shared. Followers get a glimpse of the brand’s current ‘colour crushes’ and fabric swatches and by doing so, followers feel a part of the product development. This creates ownership of the new products once launched and helps drive sales.

– The choice of image filters and contrast settings creates a saturated, colour-drenched account that jumps out from the screen. Kip & Co images are easily recognised because of their committed, uniform style.

– Bedroom scenes are a key content theme that draw followers back to the core product offering of bed linen.

Chili Philly

Craft celebrity Phil Ferguson has built an enormous following for his skills in handmade, crocheted costumes. The beauty of his content is that the creations do the talking. Each piece is revealed in real time, meaning it can take weeks between each post. The suspense and reveal is the core content theme setting him apart, building a loyal and engaged community of fans.

Clever Content:

– Talk of weekend plans and mundane activities enjoyed that day give the content a chatty and personable vibe. The casual and personal tone feels like the messaging is directed at you.

– Often asking for advice and ideas for the next creation drives comments into the hundreds, and helps boost reach and engagement.

– Phil’s crochet creations will be posted alongside copy, announcing a collaboration or sponsored offering. The tone never feels sales driven because the writing is rooted in chatty and fun anecdotes.

– Repetition of mise-en-scene and framing means the account is an incredible gallery of understated imagery. The uncluttered nature sets Chili Philly apart from other Instagram accounts too.

Alice Oehr

Illustrator, Alice Oehr celebrates her commissioned work and art projects by using Instagram as a pocket folio. All her cherished creations are shared, alongside notes on the process behind each piece. Her “girl next door” attitude creates an account, which is incredibly endearing, witty and honest.

Clever Content:

– Alice Oehr’s Instagram account acts as a news blog, documenting projects completed and revealing new collaborations afield.

– An intimate glimpse behind the scenes and sketches of her studio reveals the process and routines of a freelance designer, creating an intimacy with followers.

– Instagram has become an immediate way for Alice to sell artworks, zines and products she’s worked on, with images linking back to her online shop whenever possible.