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Nitty Gritty is a creative marketing and

communications agency

specialising in brand, strategy and content.

We help businesses to define their vision, nurture engaged communities and grow, through branded content, collaborations and outreach.

We are brand builders, strategists, and content creators.

We draw on our vast network, experience and understanding of consumers to develop strategies, plan and execute marketing activities, collaborations and campaigns with influencers, brands and publications.

Nitty Gritty has worked with many consumer-facing brands predominantly in the fields of beauty, fashion, interiors, government and lifestyle.

We service and collaborate with small to large businesses, marketing teams, event planners and designers on brands we love.

We’d like to work with you too, so get in touch.

At the heart of our process is an experienced and passionate team with a love for brand work and strategy.

Nitty Gritty was established to fill a gap in the market for a consultancy offering creative branded content that was backed by industry research and a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour trends.

Each project we take on benefits from the attention of our talented team of planners, writers and our seamless service. Our approach is collaborative and we understand how to introduce brands to consumers while nurturing loyal communities.

Speaking Engagements

Workshop – Branded Content, Goal Setting – Short Courses for Workshop
Craft Victoria – Goal setting and promotion for creative businesses – Craft Cubed
AHPRA /Melbourne University – Governance for non-profits and health practitioners – AHPRA Speaking engagement
Monash University – Branded content and promotional communications - Guest Lectures for Communications Students
RMIT – Branding and Strategy Planning – Guest Lectures for Communications and Marketing Students
Music Victoria – Promotion and Branding – Brunswick Music Festival



First we meet with a brand to discuss audience, marketplace and to get to know the business. Depending on the project, this can include; - brand audits
- focus groups,
- surveys
- in depth market research
Read more about consulting here



Next we look to develop a plan or a strategy to see the project through. We can undertake workshops to create strategies that are actionable; - brand strategy
- digital strategy
- communication planning
- marketing plans (year on year planning)
Read more about strategy here.



This is where we use our research and insights to develop creative content that resonates with audiences. We work with clients to create; - branded copy
- photography
- design
- websites
- campaigns
Read more about branded content here.



Promoting content is just as important as producing it! Here we look to our vast networks and apply our expertise in the realms of; - influencer outreach
- ad strategy
- content planning
- social media consulting
Read more about outreach here and promotional strategies here.



We measure and test regularly to learn and optimise for results and outcomes. To gather insights and learnings we; - A/B test
- compose analytics reports
Read more about how we measure here.

  • "Our Cocobella Presents event an instant sell-out with excellent online engagement results, the real success of the event could be measured by the many conversations had with our guests immediately after. The basis for the event was to inspire others and provide practical everyday learnings and measuring by the feedback that’s exactly what Nitty Gritty achieved."

    - Luke Marget, Cocobella Coconut Water, Managing Director

  • “Nitty Gritty worked with the Zoo to help us develop our digital strategy. Kat masterfully educated many staff about the opportunities that we could harness through a clear plan. We were impressed by both a creative and strategic approach to communications, a rare breed in this industry.”

    - Jacquie O’Brien, General Manager of Communications, Zoos Victoria

  • “Nitty Gritty is a unique social media company. For The William, Nitty Gritty provided a content strategy that utilised different social media channels and generated a number of leads. The main benefit I am finding with our content strategy is that staff are able to easily communicate with purchasers regarding construction and up dating them about the project in a consistent manner. Nitty Gritty has been able to assist us in achieve this and working with them has been a very pleasurable process.”

    - Danielle Ashworth, Director, Element Real Estate

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