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A Feminine Approach to Corporate Culture

When I started my own business the most common question was-why? I get it, late nights, ongoing hustle, investment of time and resources when you're not sure there are any left... it's not the easiest path! For myself though, the rewards have been two-fold.

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How Much Is An Influencer Worth?

It's become well known in the marketing world that social media influencers provide a real return in the form of high-quality leads, conversions and brand awareness across all platforms.

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Creating a Holistic Brand Approach

What does social media have to do with packaging, email receipts, a logo colour, or even with staff uniforms? Each interaction, positive, neutral, and negative, links together to tell a story, and contributes to a customer’s ever expanding experience with your brand.

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The Rifeness of The Rip-Off

We've seen it time and time again with big brands like Zara, Jeremy Scott, Victoria's Secret and Disney- just to name a few-plagiarising or not-so-subtly repurposing the creativity of smaller or emerging innovators.

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