Nitty Gritty is a creative marketing and


specialising in brand, strategy and content.

We help businesses to define their vision, nurture
engaged communities and grow, through

branded content

, collaborations and outreach.

Nitty Gritty is focused on getting to know consumers, in order to generate innovative and creative content that people want to share and connect with.

At the heart of our process is an experienced and passionate team with an authentic love for what we do. Nitty Gritty was established to fill a gap in the market for a consultancy offering

creative branded content

, that was backed by industry research and a thorough understanding of consumer behaviour trends.

Each project we take on benefits from the attention of our talented team of planners and writers. Our approach is collaborative and we understand how to introduce brands to consumers while nurturing loyal communities. We draw on our knowledge and experience to assist with strategy, marketing activities, outreach and content creation, to help clients to reach their goals.

Nitty Gritty has worked with many consumer-facing brands predominantly in the fields of beauty, fashion, interiors, government and lifestyle. We service and collaborate with small to large businesses, marketing teams, event planners and designers on brands we love. We’d like to work with you too, so get in touch.


  • Brand strategy

  • Marketing &
    communications strategy

  • Content planning

Every project begins with a plan. A good strategy makes the connection for consumers to a brand story. Our approach is based in research, and a thorough understanding of the market – trends, consumers and competitors.
Depending on the needs of a business, we tailor a long-term vision for our clients to support a new website, digital channel roll out,

marketing campaign

, rebrand or

branded content

creation. Our approach ensures business goals are met and a competitive advantage is sustained.


  • Copywriting

  • Photography & Styling

  • Design

Our content is in line with our research and planning, enabling us to develop creative concepts that resonate with audiences. Our approach ensures a consistent tone of voice and a consistent look and feel is upheld through all collateral. We work with our clients to define content and delivery through social channels, blogs, magazines and campaigns. We craft

unique copy

, design, events and styled photography based on our planning and understanding of the consumer.

Outreach &

  • Campaigns & Competitions

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Coordination & Execution

While the idea of approaching owners of connected communities is not a new one, the Nitty Gritty approach focuses on the long term. Rather than a quick ‘like for like’ transaction, we believe in nurturing relationships to create something meaningful for the brand. When approaching our vast network, we work towards well-aligned collaborations that make sense to the consumer. To achieve this we work hard at maintaining relationships and creating purposeful and mutually beneficial collaborations.


  • In-house training

  • Insights

  • Focus groups
    & Stakeholder research

We believe our services should be part of a wider strategy. We offer in-house workshops to help business owners and marketing teams brainstorm next steps and develop processes to ensure the integration of marketing activity.
We are able to undertake quantitative and qualitative analysis, in the form of questionnaires, focus groups and stakeholder research sessions to help with planning, to help with understanding consumers and to achieve a brand vision.

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    Grown Alchemist

    • Communications Planning

    • Content Coordination

    • Channel Management


      Campaign Execution

    When Grown Alchemist rebranded, they approached us to develop a plan that outlined a vision, the nitty gritty of their communications and collaborative approaches towards content.

    Our plan helped to create stories around key imagery and coordinate outreach with aligned brands and influencers. Not to mention we got to enjoy some ridiculously great skincare while doing it.

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    Zoos Victoria

    • Digital

      Brand Strategy

    • Website Audit & Architecture Review

    Zoos Victoria approached us to help them launch a rebrand through their digital channels, to highlight their conservation and animal welfare efforts.

    We were sensitive to the impact of the digital roll out affecting a large and established business with many stakeholders. We undertook staff focus groups, conducted a brand audit and compiled an architecture review of more than 2500 web pages, before putting forward best practice recommendations.

    Our functional and strategic recommendations became the foundation for the new website and the organisation’s social channels. We were also stoked to be able to visit the meerkats regularly.

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    • Brand Strategy


      Communications Plan

    • Content Creation

    • Outreach


      Campaign Execution

    We developed Cocobella’s

    brand identity

    through visuals, tone of voice,

    creative content

    , channel management and outreach campaigns. An exciting brand to work with, and not only because of our well-stocked fridge.

    Our communications planning ensured smooth running of our ambassador campaigns in collaboration with well-aligned and influential events, brands and talent, further defining a strong and passionate community of fans.

    Our ongoing content, outreach and marketing activity has established Cocobella as the go-to coconut water.

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    • Brand Identity Shift
    • Communications Planning

    • Content Creation

      & Execution

    Initially contracted to develop tone of voice and redefine Cannon’s target market, we saw many opportunities to further promote the brand within the interiors space.

    Our planning enabled us to create relevant visual and written content for Cannon’s social channels and website. Building a consistent online brand enabled us to approach and organise brand collaborations with prominent stylists, interview aligned designers and artisans for a blog series and create branded content for online publications. Our efforts in differentiating content have achieved record-breaking results for Cannon’s social channels and brand.

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