Cocobella Cocobella Cocobella

Objective While Cocobella leads the way in market share, it has many competitors to stand apart from. We were tasked with developing a stronger brand identity for the purpose of genuinely connecting with the audience, building loyalty, and differentiating the brand in a competitive category. icon
How we went about it Brand, Communications & Content Strategy

We developed a detailed brand and communications strategy by thoroughly researching Australian health, lifestyle, and supermarket consumer trends and behaviours. Our research and planning informed a comprehensive content strategy that spans social and blog, photography and visual direction, as

Influencer Outreach & Ambassador Program

Additionally, we introduced an influencer outreach, an Ambassador’s program and campaigns which have built long term relationships with Cocobella’s community. By involving influencers in the creation of Cocobella blog and social content, we have initiated and sustained authentic connections. These efforts have in turn encouraged user generated content, such as photos of community members enjoying a #cocobellamoment, or sharing their own #cocobellarecipe.

Real-Life Engagement

We also make sure that Cocobella is experienced in real life, not just on screens. Our connection with the burgeoning community is solidified by offering product though regular online competitions, running local Cocobella events, and providing sponsored product to events such as Nike’s Women’s Training.


Impressed Impressed Impressed

Objective As one of the first of its kind in the FMCG industry, Impressed Juices offer accessible cold pressed juice in national supermarkets. We were approached to develop a strong brand identity, and to help educate and inform the audience on Impressed's unique offering. icon
How we went about it Brand, Communications & Content Strategy

We developed a detailed brand and communications strategy by thoroughly researching Australian juice and supermarket consumer trends and behaviours.

We synthesised our research and developed a content strategy and plan, including regular photoshoots, social advertising strategy and implementation, and close monitoring of insights to optimise and refine our approach.

Real-Life Engagement

We have crafed online competitions and campaigns run in collaboration with aligned lifestyle brands. Impressed Juice’s community has since increased exponentially and boasts engaged customers who contribute to the Impressed conversation via UGC and social interactions. The insights derived from our campaign results have fed back into our ongoing approach.


Byron Bay Skincare

Objective Byron Bay Skincare were established in their local area; we were excited to get behind and promote their cruelty free and natural products to the rest of the world. Byron Bay Skincare required a strategy defining identity and a clear customer engagement strategy. icon
How we went about it Communications & Content Strategy

We created a content strategy with a thorough analysis of audience, brand and redefined tone of voice, look and feel and channel communications to ensure that all touch points were consistent and uniform.

Real-Life Engagement

WIth a robust foundation in place, we undertook influencer outreach in tandem with an advertising strategy to broaden the awareness of the brand among their millennial fan base. Our aim was immediate growth of sales via the online store, and to infer the popularity of the brand on social channels to further bolster stockist sales.



Objective Zoos Victoria rebranded their brand from being seen as a tourist attraction, to an environmentally conscious organisation that prioritises conservation. To ensure that this updated brand was consistently presented across all channels, we were engaged to create a digital strategy and implementation plan. icon
How we went about it Stakeholder Engagement & Digital Strategy

The site originally had 2500+ pages including information about donations, retail, education, ticket sales, memberships, conservation efforts and events. Lots of information, and many different business units vying for space and eyeballs. We worked closely with the Zoo’s marketing and communications teams onsite and off to improve conversions and better communicate the brand.

Authentic Engagement

Our digital strategy provided an effective framework and functional requirements for the creation of the new website and direction for digital content. The end result was a comprehensive, easy to navigate site that tied in with Zoos Victoria social media channels. Content is now in line with brand values and consistent across digital channels and the site competently facilitates transactions.



Objective Grown Alchemist up until 2012 were known as “Grown”. They chose to rebrand to emphasise their nous and scientific credentials of their products. We were brought on board to communicate this rebrand and to launch Grown Alchemist into the social space. icon
How we went about it Rebrand and Communications Strategy

We researched consumer trends pertaining to sustainable and organic skin care, and collated an in-depth communications and brand strategy for the new Grown Alchemist brand.

We launched an Instagram and Facebook account to connect with customers. This was the first time Grown Alchemist had ventured into dialogue with their fans. We ensured that all content was aligned with our research and planning, providing succinct and useful information to consumers while telling the story of Grown Alchemist and educating fans on process and scientific credentials.

Launching each of the channels with zero fans, we activated several outreach campaigns and advertising campaigns with major magazine titles.



Objective When the successful web series, The Katering Show, forayed into a full length TV series on the ABC, Get Krack!n’, they needed a website in the voice of the show, to complement the content in each episode and expand the fictional world of the show and characters. icon
How we went about it Digital Strategy + Project management

The show is a parody of the “Morning Show” format, and we needed the website to look as such. We worked closely with the show’s team to devise a design that was both entertaining and promotional, that was able to be updated with new content and bonus material as each episode was released. The end result was a cohesive extension of the brand and continuation of ‘the joke’, that was successful in enticing viewers to visit, stay a while, and return each week afer each new episode.


City of

Objective We were engaged by the City of Yarra to create awareness and send foot traffic to one of the most beloved shopping strips in Melbourne, Brunswick Street.
How we went about it Engagement & Outreach

We devised a weekend event, called the All Out. We liaised with the Council and retailers to lock in once off bespoke activations in each shop to drive foot traffic to the shopping strip. Retailers reported between 200 - 300% increase in sales through their stores and Council were able to use the event as a case study for community building to establish further activities with retailers and hospitality owners.

Event Planning & Community Engagement

Retail and bricks and mortar stores have suffered in recent times due to increased competition from online ecommerce and increased rents haven’t help. City of Yarra, aware of the decrease in foot traffic to their once popular shopping strips were after an event to stimulate traffic to the area and drive community between retailers and hospitality.


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