Made in sunny Byron Bay, we were excited to promote Byron Bay Skincare’s cruelty free and natural products to the rest of the world. Byron Bay Skincare required a content strategy that would define a unique and individuated character as well as a clear customer engagement strategy.

How we went about it

Communications & Content Strategy

We created a content strategy with a thorough analysis of audience, brand and redefined tone of voice, look and feel and channel communications to ensure that all touch points were consistent and uniform.

Real-Life Engagement

With a robust foundation in place, we undertook influencer outreach in tandem with an advertising strategy to broaden the awareness of the brand among their millennial fan base. Our aim was immediate growth of sales via the online store, and to infer the popularity of the brand on social channels to further bolster stockist sales.

Results so far

We established a voice, key messaging and themes for the brand which led to a consistent and branded look and feel. We developed a content style guide that was instrumental in briefing in influencers so that user generated content was guided to be of a similar look, feel and vibe. This was integral to helping the Byron Bay Skincare sales team to pitch ranging to different stockists and continue with the influencer program.