Grown Alchemist up until 2012 were known as “Grown”. They chose to rebrand to emphasise their nous and scientific credentials of their products. We were brought on board to communicate this rebrand and to launch Grown Alchemist into the social space.

How we went about it

Rebrand and Communications Strategy

We researched consumer trends pertaining to sustainable and organic skin care, and collated an in-depth communications and brand strategy for the new Grown Alchemist brand.
We launched an Instagram and Facebook account to connect with customers. This was the first time Grown Alchemist had ventured into dialogue with their fans. We ensured that all content was aligned with our research and planning, providing succinct and useful information to consumers while telling the story of Grown Alchemist and educating fans on process and scientific credentials.
Launching each of the channels with zero fans, we activated several outreach campaigns and advertising campaigns with major magazine titles.