As one of the first of its kind in the FMCG industry, Impressed offer accessible cold pressed juice and almond yoghurts in national supermarkets. We were approached to develop a strong brand identity, and to help educate and inform the audience on Impressed’s unique offering.

How we went about it

Brand, Communications & Content Strategy

We developed a detailed brand and communications strategy by thoroughly researching Australian supermarket consumer trends and behaviours. We synthesised our research and developed a content strategy and plan, including regular photoshoots, social advertising strategy and implementation, and close monitoring of insights to optimise and refine our approach.

Results so far

We have crafted online competitions and campaigns run in collaboration with aligned lifestyle brands. Impressed’s community has since increased exponentially and boasts engaged customers who contribute to the Impressed conversation via UGC and social interactions. The insights derived from our campaign results have fed back into our ongoing approach.