Zoos Victoria rebranded their brand from being seen as a tourist attraction, to an environmentally conscious organisation that prioritises conservation. To ensure that this updated brand was consistently presented across all channels, we were engaged to create a digital strategy and implementation plan.

How we went about it

Stakeholder Engagement & Digital Strategy

The site originally had 2500+ pages including information about donations, retail, education, ticket sales, memberships, conservation efforts and events. Lots of information, and many different business units vying for space and eyeballs. We worked closely with the Zoo’s marketing and communications teams and held focus groups to improve conversions and better communicate the brand.

Results so far

Our digital strategy provided an effective framework and functional requirements for the creation of the new website and direction for digital content. The end result was a comprehensive, easy to navigate site that tied in with Zoos Victoria social media channels. Content is now in line with brand values and consistent across digital channels and the site competently facilitates transactions.