Collaboration is Key

For most high-fashion labels, a collaboration with DHL would be out of the question. Vetements, however, have turned the unlikely partnership into an art form. Taking an unremarkable consumer service company and turning their brand mark into a highly sought after fashion item treads the line between madness and genius.

Collaboration between brands is by no means a new concept. From Balenciaga to Target fashion brands everywhere collaborate for a myriad of reasons including extending their reach, changing perception and adding depth, meaning and credibility to their collections.

The synergy in partnership between Vetements and the 18 brands they chose to work with for their most recent Haute Couture Fashion Week collection takes the usual format to the next level. When deciding on who to collaborate with, their team sat around a boardroom table and shouted out brands that they associate with that category. Into the mix came boots by Doc Martens, womens shoes by Manolo Blahnik, denim by Levis and tracksuits by Juicy Couture as well as some more obscure labels like Canado Goose and Kawasaki. Brands were not selected based on their popularity, only their expertise in their chosen category with design exclusively by Vetements and production by the brands factories.

Some of the brands involved were opened up to new markets as a result, with Manolo Blahnik now stocked on Net A Porter for the first time (we were surprised they weren’t!) others simply felt the collaboration appealed to their existing customer base, cementing their reputation as one of the cool kids.

Adrian Joffe, president of Comme Des Garcons felt that a “sacreligious attitude towards the establishment” is a trait shared by Vetements.

Ned Munroe, Chief Global Design Officer of Hanes Brands Inc was unaware that Vetements had used the Champoin logo initially, but on discovery approached them for collaboration as a partner “that’s why it’s great partnering with Vetements. We help each other tell a good story together. And it’s fun playing in a different parts of the market.”

The vast range of brands involved is where the concept behind this collaboration really becomes interesting, Comme Des Garcons, Manolo Blahnik, Juicy Couture and Kawasaki all in the same collection is definitely one for the fashion history books.

Traditionally brands have always sought to align with others who posses the same values and demographic, Vetements completely shirked this sensibility and decided to base their concept around those that create the best and most recognisable products. Despite the huge amalgamation of contrasting brands, their collection stayed true to the ethos of each, united by the unique style that has become the Vetements signature: unexpected, exclusive and always left of centre.

A collaboration handled with sensitivity to the values of each brand can be an incredibly exciting and mutually beneficial activity for all involved. There are many positive outcomes for both your brand and bottom line.

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