Online Communities, IRL

What happens when an online community comes together offline?

We recently organised an event to connect Cocobella’s social media audience with each other and with the brand. Cocobella Presents was imagined by our team to motivate and inspire Cocobella fans to find a balance in their creative and working lives, a notion that closely ties in with Cocobella’s brand pillars and key messaging.

We created a free event for fans to hear from key influencers, ask questions, mingle and enjoy Cocobella cocktails with all cocktail proceeds going to beyondblue. This made for an effective and meaningful way to associate the product to a real life community and to goodwill practices.

Our two speakers were chosen because of their strong social media presence and alignment with Cocobella’s brand values of health and goal setting. Maz Valcorza from Sydney’s Sadhana Kitchen and Kerryn Moscicki from Melbourne label Radical Yes drew upon their health-centric practices and yoga practitioner pasts to provide witty and original insights on how they both run their successful businesses.

The cleverly crafted content was guided by Nitty Gritty to provide a representation of Cocobella’s values and personality. The association between our influencers and the brand cemented the notion of an aspirational lifestyle with our target audience’s perception of Cocobella.

The event was free to attend and ticket allocation was exhausted within five days of announcing. Influencers in Melbourne’s health and fashion industries were offered passes, with a total of 120 RSVPs received from the general public, packing out the Work-shop Melbourne venue on the Monday night of the event.

Each attendee received a gift bag of goodies from our speakers and suppliers, not to mention invaluable tools and information to help achieve their goals well after the night.

Being able to reach your audience in a tangible space is a powerful addition to a content strategy. Executing a unique event experience in conjunction with a social media strategy creates a unique customer experience and full understanding of the brand.

This soft branding approach worked to establish a fun and engaging event that resulted in goodwill, positive PR and immediate “shout outs” via the social channels of attendees.

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