Feeling the Love for Local Businesses

At Nitty Gritty, we are big fans (the biggest!) of local businesses. We shop local, we boogie close by, and we get excited by up-and-coming labels and initiatives that raise the bar higher than expected. Melbourne is a very exciting place to live at the moment, don’t you think? I mean, when do these people sleep?

Last year marked the inaugural launch of The Brunswick St All Out—a celebration of all that is weird and wonderful about Fitzroy’s vibrant small businesses that we love and cherish. In a celebration of all that is home-grown, we’ve gathered a few of our favourite local brands for your reading pleasure:

The Road

2016 has seen the emergence of the new minimal—simple designs with a social and ethical consciousness. The Road, a locally produced basic apparel label is no exception. Borne as a response to the devastating collapse of the Savar building collapse in Pana Plaza, Bangladesh—where over 1000 employees were killed—designer Nikki McAllum wanted to make a difference. The brand’s ethos: the fashion industry has to change if we’re to live sustainably. Amen.

Open Journal

A local publication reflecting on design, the arts and urban culture, Open Journal wants you to consider your social and environmental footprint in how you live, eat and buy. The offset of architecture, design and property development company, Neometro, this publication encourages you to think big by living small, and ensuring your vision for the future of this planet is anything but tokenistic. We’re on board.

Byron Bay Skin Care

A label that makes keeping it natural that little bit easier? Yes, please. Add ethical and environmental sensibilities, and we are totally sold. Our friends up north at Byron Bay Skincare create beautiful 100% naturally derived products that replace the harsh chemicals found in most cosmetics with quality botanical ingredients. And, the best part? A tree is planted for every single product sold.

Impressed Juices

Anything that makes it easier to be healthy on the go gets a nod from us. Enter: Impressed Juices, made from 100% Australian-grown fruit and vegetables and cold-pressed to retain all the wonderful natural nutrients that keep us glowing from the inside out. A real plus for us is the price point of these bad-boys, sometimes we’re just not down to spend $10+ on a juice ($3.49 is much better). Cheers.