How To Create An Engaging Instagram Feed

Instagram started out as the social media platform where fledgling brands could grow their audience, and while there have been some huge changes this year, research shows it is easier to engage and interact with audiences with a much higher likelihood of follow through. What does that mean for brands?  When used well, fans are more likely to interact and purchase through Instagram than other social media platforms.

Here’s a few of our tips on how to effectively use Instagram to increase your conversion rate:

Find your look

Instagram is primarily a visual platform, the aim is to create a great branded experience for your fans making them fall in love with what you do. It’s important to post relevant content, but it is also very important to make sure it is visually attractive. Creating a suite of images to use over time, sticking to one filter and using a consistent colour palette are easy ways to achieve this.

Refine your voice

Heavily branded content does not work on Instagram, users expect to see an authentic voice presented, not an advert. Be subtle, find something that your fans will be interested in and talk about it. Read more about writing engaging copy here.

Tag it

Hashtags have been shown to increase Instagram engagement by up to 12.6%., so its worthwhile spending the extra time to add these in to your social media strategy. Researching hashtags is a good place to start, look at similar accounts and use tools to help you find trending hashtags, then simply start using them. Pay attention to response and conversation to judge what your audience want and like from you.

Make friends

User generated content is 50% more trusted than any other type of media. Engaging in an influencer strategy is a tried and tested way to increase brand awareness and sales.

Sell yourself

One of the new features Instagram has introduced is the click through button for sponsored posts. Reports show this is more effective on Instagram than it has been on Facebook, and a higher rate of consumers are purchasing through Instagram than other social media platforms. With a limited yet direct range of call to actions, like SHOP NOW and SIGN UP that encourage users to convert to customers.

Get chatty!

Interaction is also key: Post regularly, interact with your customers, answer their questions and reply to their comments. Consumers expect to be listened to, and talking to them directly creates strong brand loyalty.

Check up on it

Just as trends are evolving so should your social feed. Look at what your fans are responding to, not only ‘likes’ but also comments, click-through rates and of course, conversions to purchase.

If you would like help with refining your feed and finding your voice, give us a shout at [email protected], we would love to chat about your Instagram #goals