Launching: The Lunchtime Series

We’re a curious coven here at the Nitty Gritty studio. Our mornings often commence with a verbal game of table tennis; exchanging and fawning over innovative projects, ingenious individuals and avant-garde organisations that seem to be spilling out of all corners of the world right now. What a time to be alive, right?

However, as the year accelerates into a new gear, taking our workload with it, we simply don’t have the time to sink our teeth into discovering every single guy and gal disrupting and shaking up the media, marketing and tech industries of which we participate.

Thus was imagined and born, the Lunchtime Series, a collection of interviews with ‘cool people;’ those we admire and respect and, in most cases, have worked with personally to astounding effects.

Each week or so, we’ll release an edition of the series, featuring an interview with a local or international influencer, innovator, artist or creative in a neat bite-size package, aka. ‘something fun to read on your lunch break’ aka, the Lunchtime Series. It’s launching new week and our first feature has been touched by an angel (literally!).

See you soon!