Listen To This: Podcasts We Love

Podcasts — call them what you will; a consummation of radio or otherwise, we love them and it has been superb to witness their rapid proliferation of late. A medium with fodder to offer on even the most niche topic you can imagine, podcasts nail the notion of intimacy that so many other platforms yearn to achieve; they sit comfortably at the nexus of authenticity, storytelling and conversation and #welikeit. At Nitty Gritty, we thrive on personal connection and, TBH, we’re always searching for tiny ways to step away from our screens and listen. So, we’ve called it, and we know it’s true: we’re pod-people, loud and proud. It seems we’re not alone, a recent article in Vanity Fair estimating the podcast goliath Gimlet Media to be valued at over $50 million dollars. Sheesh.

It’s great news for small businesses searching for a slightly unchartered way of connecting with their customers, particularly niche establishments who want to speak to their followers one-on-one in an economical and intimate way.

What we love most about them: they perform as the perfect bite sized ‘pods’ of knowledge; these stories, conversations and productions are what get us from home to work and vice-versa each day and mean our otherwise aimless moments on public transport and waiting for a coffee are spent wisely. They’re our friends, our inspiration, and each of our favourites says a little it about us, too! Below we’ve nominated a podcast that makes us tick. Have a peek;

Who? Kat

What? The Great Discontent

Why? As the name implies, it’s important to stay hungry, and The Great Discontent makes for a good snack when you’re looking for inspiration, encouragement or just another take on running a business. Apart from killer content, The Great Discontent’s commitment to long-form journalism is made so digestible with their beautifully designed site and magazine offshoot. Episode 004 is a favourite, where comedian Aparna Nancherla and writer Debbie Mailman, talk about the “magic of connections” (yes!) and how courage can be more important than passion, once you’ve started a project.

Who? Anna

What? Monocle 24: The Foreign Desk

Why?  Waking up to the sound of host Steve Bloomfield’s voice in the morning is my antidote to mainstream news. Mainly focused on global politics, The Foreign Desk gives a sound account of the world’s happenings. Skipping the hyperbolic headlines for a day is a welcome change! Current features such as the Trump Presidency and Brexit are mentioned, however, there is also an emphasis on all corners of the globe, micro and macro communities are covered equally. Refreshing and insightful, my kinda thing. 

Who? Georgia

What? This American Life

Why? Escapism has been a hobby of mine for a long while. Who wouldn’t want to listen to Ira Glass talk about how fascinating ordinary people are for ~1 hour? Similar to a shiraz-y conversation at your friend’s-friends’ dinner party, you’ll get totally immersed, then promptly forget it ever happened. But, hark! The time has come around again where you have to introduce yourself at a seminar and include an ‘icebreaker’ in the form of an interesting you’ve recently learned. I knew all those hours spent with Ira would come in handy.

Who? Lauren

What? Modern Love: The Podcast

Why? Based on a New York Times column; a series of weekly reader-submitted essays that explore the joys and tribulations of love, this podcast often makes and breaks my poor romantic heart. Read by notable actors and celebs, these stories of “love, loss and redemption” offer an insightful glimpse into the murky waters of the human condition, often to unsettling effects (which I love!). A personal fav is Molly Ringwald reading “From Divorce, a Fractured Beauty” (Ep. 45) – #sobbing.
Want to learn more about what Podcasts could mean to you and your business? Drop up a line: [email protected], we’re always up for a listen (and a chat)!