Lunchtime Series – Ellie Bullen

Meet our friend Ellie Bullen; social media virtuoso, health and wellness enthusiast and, if we’re doing ‘real talk’, total sweetheart. You may have caught sight of Ellie’s stunning smoothie bowls over on her beloved Instagram account, or heard glowing reviews of her recently-published e-Book, The Wholesome Life. Either way, this gal is going places and we are pretty stoked to have her on our team.

We started working with Ellie in 2015, as part of an outreach strategy with client Cocobella coconut water. Since then, we’ve worked on many collaborations together. A real friendship has formed between us and one of the highlights of our work together was Ellie’s involvement in Cocobella Presents an influencer event we curated in the Gold Coast last year. With over 455k followers on Instagram, Ellie’s story is such a successful one and we have a feeling she’s only getting started!

We chatted to her about her journey to success, connecting to large audiences via social media and her recent relocation to Bali—talk about a dreamy life!

Tell us a little about your background? What lead you to reign over such a strong following of like-minded health-conscious foodies? 
I started my Instagram account around three years ago. At the time, I was completing some highly scientific subjects within my University Dietetics degree and needed a creative outlet. Sharing some photos of the food I was making at home offered me a platform to explore different ingredient combinations, with a focus on healthy and nutritious elements. Further, as a student of nutrition, I became increasingly interested in health and wanted to share that journey on my Instagram too.

Which social media platform do you feel allows you to best connect with your community of fans, and why? 
I think Instagram, definitely. As my primary and most-frequented platform, the majority of my fans and community follow me there. I think sharing images on Instagram, along with captions and responding to comments is the the most efficient way for me to communicate with my followers. Also, the visual element it’s a key component to what I do.

How much time to you make each day to sit down and connect with your followers across your social channels? 
I’m engaged with my social accounts via my phone at most moments during the day. In the evenings, I usually try to sit down and make some time to respond to people, depending on what I’ve posted during the day. In the morning, I try to spend a little time catching up on what I’ve missed out on overnight, particularly from international followers.

We know you’ve recently launched an E-Book, The Wholesome Life (which we love!) Any other exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon for 2017? 
I do have a few exciting things on the horizon! Firstly, I’ve just moved to Bali and plan to travel to loads of places from here. I really want to use travel to inspire more recipes and meet new people! The other thing is a secret, so you’ll have to wait on that one 😉

What have been your favourite brands to collaborate with over the past year? What are your favourite accounts/brands to follow for inspiration and insight? 
I love working with Cocobella, who I’ve been partnered with for over a year now. It’s really exciting to be able to have such a long term relationship with a really great company! I also really love working with small local businesses, it’s exciting to watch them grow and to help promote them in those early days.

As for inspiration, I don’t want to sound biased but I love my sister and her partner’s travel accounts (@gypsea_lust & @doyoutravel) – their images are what have inspired me to want to see so many places in the world! I also love following @lumadeline and @taramilktea.

Thanks Ellie <3 You’re a star!