Photoshoots at Nitty Gritty

At Nitty Gritty we work hard to create meaningful and inspired content for our awesome clients by listening, thinking and learning from the brands we love. And a real perk of the job – we have A LOT of fun together on the side. Being creative is cool!

A real highlight in the Nitty Gritty calendar is putting together and collaborating on photoshoots, in producing a series of awesome images for our clients to use throughout their social media accounts. Read on for a little insight into how this creative process comes to life:

What are you trying to say?

Each image needs to tell story, and this process runs deeper than merely point and shoot. We spend considerable time assessing the clients needs, the pillars upon which their brand operates and what kind of information their customers are wanting to consume. We create a detailed brief for each shoot, seeking inspiration from varying platforms and thinking about the applicable copy in advance.

What are you trying to do?

We are working on our clients’ behalf, we want them to engage with their customers in a fun and distinctive way. Ultimately, our aim is to allow our brands to represent themselves with a personality, and to do that, we always shy away from the usual social media conventions. We want audiences to stop and consider what we’ve created and to take pleasure in it, avoiding the scroll-through by ensuring a call to action.

On the day…

The fun part. Our in-house photographer is a wizardess and on the days we’ve scheduled shoots, it’s all hands on deck at the Nitty Gritty office! Our best technique for keeping things running smoothly: being organised and planning ahead with lots of communication. Sourcing the right props, models and styling accessories ahead of schedule usually means everything falls in place. Our strength comes from our staff, and divvying up tasks based on everyone’s interests and skills.

Original content rules!

The best things about about a brand producing their own unique visual content is that it speaks volumes about their dedication to the customer; it’s immediate, it’s applicable and it’s timely. Creating monthly content allows the brand to speak organically to its audience, connecting on what’s important and current about their product.

If you’re considering creating original visual content for your brand and need a helping hand, we want to hear from you!

Get in touch with us at [email protected]