A brand is when customer experience meets a promise from a product or service. Whether it’s a fresh beginning or time to evolve, we create and grow brands with our approach, from workshopping through to implementation.

Brand Workshops

Workshops are a structured consultation that can be tailored to individual requirements. A workshop can help you to evaluate consumers and the marketplace, understand gaps relating to market perception, further explore trends to discern design and communication direction, or an opportunity to discuss goals and strategy one on one with Kat, Nitty Gritty’s director.

Brand Book

A Brand Book is a must-have to help guide teams and stakeholders understand consumers, brand direction and the more nuanced attributes that make a brand unique. The Brand Book defines a vision, brand heart, customer markets, positioning, tone of voice, brand values and key messages. Created as an organic document, the idea is that the Brand Book evolves with a brand as it grows.

Naming + Identity development

Naming availability, resonance and trends are important to understand before committing to the visual development of a brand. We work closely with the team of lawyers at Marquette IP to advise brands before embarking on the design process and brand mark development. Our process ensures a beautiful brand that not only resonates but stands apart in the marketplace.

Brand refresh

Nothing is forever, and staying current is a must in a competitive market. A brand refresh encompasses an audit and roadmap to move to the next stage. This is perfect for brands that have been in the market for a while and that are looking to engage with new consumer groups, communicate diversified offerings or to just resonate with an evolving market.

Style + content guides

Content and design both require guidelines and parameters to operate within. Style guides ensure that a clear direction is communicated to brand teams, influencers and stakeholders who are creating content on behalf of the brand.