Engaged consumers and authentic dialogue among communities are the cornerstone of brand perception. We specialise in collaborating with influencers to create authentic and resonant content on behalf of brands. The Nitty Gritty approach focuses on the long term, rather than a quick ‘like for like’ transaction. We nurture relationships to turn influencers into loyal brand advocates.

Influencer content

We have seen excellent results from conceptualising content campaigns in collaboration with aligned influencers. Authenticity is inferred with this long term type of engagement, and results far outweighs the usual ‘product for post’ approach.

Influencer relationship management

We manage relationships with influencers on behalf of brands, without additional agents fees. We are transparent about influencer costs, and due to our strong networks we are able to negotiate collaborations and executions that benefit both the brand and influencers who wish to advocate.


Collaboration doesn’t stop with influencers. We conceptualise and implement campaigns with aligned brands to elevate presence and increase reach among aligned audiences.