Strategy informs all that we do. Our consumer focused approach helps to see the big picture and using our Nitty Gritty framework we figure out the finer details. We research, analyse, and craft plans that become the backbone of creative and commercial success.


Understanding customers is integral to every strategy. Beyond desk research, we can facilitate focus groups, stakeholder interviews and quantitive research projects across any category to give businesses a clear understanding of consumer trends and behaviours.

Digital strategy

A digital strategy helps brands to reach and engage target audiences in the digital space. The beginning of this process involves workshopping to gather requirements and to further understand brand challenges. From here we research marketplace trends and consumer behaviours to create a strategy that incorporates relevant technologies to convert business goals via websites, digital advertising, socials and other social platforms.

Marketing plans

We work collaboratively with businesses to set key goals and devise a plan to achieve them. We plan marketing activity based on data and insights from previous years, and our implementation timeline is an actionable document that helps to guide a team to ensure that business goals are on track to be met.

Content strategy

Writing content frequently is one thing, creating content that resonates, engages and converts users is another. We create content strategies using our Nitty Gritty framework to outline content parameters and direction for content development, as well as the management of content ongoing. This is the perfect solution for brands who want to understand what content works for their audience, how to create it and how to implement it with ease and consistency.