Social Media Goals 2017

New Moon, new you? The month of February was named after the old Roman festival Febura held on February 15 each year and was dedicated to purification, spring cleaning, and the purging all things naff. We say, make like Ancient Rome and take February as the time to review, purify, and update your social media strategy.

Measure, Refine, Repeat

Strategise, strategise, strategise! Take the time to review where your brand is sitting within the marketplace. Are you followers authentic, dedicated and engaged? Is your content resonating with said audience? Check out your engagement rates and make a shortlist of the most/ least engaged content.

Taking a step away to do a quick audit can save you time in the future. Identify where your brand is currently situated vs. your desired position and set some clear social media goals that align with overall business goals. For example, if you’re looking to expand into a new market, one of the things you may want to consider is collaborating with new influencers or brands to leverage and grow your audience within the new target market.

Take a considered approach to digital trends

The digital landscape is always evolving, and although it might be SUPER FUN to engage with these new platforms, ensure you have a reason to. Creating content just to add noise is a no. Overwhelming your audience with irrelevant content is also a no. One of the newest bells to the social media whistle is Live Video in the form of Instagram Stories. Figure out how to invest in new platforms in a way that makes sense for your brand, is creative and adds value to the consumer. It’s ok not to get involved, too!

Connect with Influencers / Refine your Influencers

We <3 meaningful collaborations that are mutually beneficial. Check out our write up on the perfectly imperfect Vetements x DHL collab. The key to a successful partnership lies within the Influencers audience. Look past the zero’s and establish whether their follower base is appropriate for your brand. We’re talking geographically and demographically appropriate and actively engaged followers. Should you engage in a short and sweet collab, or a hot and heavy long term relationship? We’ve got an in-depth checklist to ensure your Influencer is right for you in our upcoming eDM!

More original content!

Reposting imagery to ensure your feed is visually delicious is fab. Reposting user generated content is extra fab. But, reposts can only take you so far. With so many brands and businesses vying for a moment of sweet attention from Consumer X, there is a lot of meaningless content published every day. Who cares? Does your audience? Maybe not.

Invest some time into creating content unique to your brand. Photoshoots are an excellent way to visually narrate your brands story, and offers your audience other ways of seeing how your product could integrate with their routine.  Competitions with aligned brands can raise awareness, drive engagement and introduce your brand to new market segments.

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