Trends for 2017

Sayonara 2016! For our last post this year, we’re sticking to tradition and we are posting about the trends we’ll be seeing come through in the new year, in the marketing and content arena. See below for trends from our lovely crew!

Influencer Outreach & Niche Targeting – Anna
Ok, so nothing especially new here, except for the way that brands are reaching out to influencers is certainly becoming more sophisticated than the usual, free-product-in-exchange-for-a-photo arrangement. This year we’ve seen automation hit the influencer marketing world, with limited success. Yes, there are automated services that promise to link brands to influencers, for the exchange of product and payment for a photo, but we have seen that true collaboration that yields results supersedes this. Global brands like Clinique have targeted a younger and geographically diverse groups with their influencer campaign run last year, and we’ve seen other brands up the ante with their collaborations to include reaching out to other aligned brands (not just influencers) in the fashion arena such as Vetements.

The online space has become more crowded (particularly with many collaborations going on!), and many new businesses are launching online vying for a piece of the action. Despite the increase of brands, the number of consumers has remained more or less steady, this especially rings true in the content and social media marketing area. We cannot emphasise enough, the importance of targeting niche and specific audiences and maintaining an appeal to a narrower range of demographics. Targeted, almost personal-level content and campaigns is where content marketing is at for 2017.

Dodging ad blocker – Lauren
The days of content for content’s sake are over! Today’s users are switching off to repetitive lists and click-bait, and quality content is now the most sought after requirement. Clever branded content, or native content is not necessarily new, however the investment by brands in entire publishing platforms with a team of marketers and journalists is a trend that we’ve noticed increasing. Red Bull is one of the first brands who invested in a platform dedicated to unique content, and now they have launched their own Video on Demand service too. Brands becoming publishers may have been something we witness in 2016, but opportunities to see that content made more shareable (for the all-important endorsement from consumers) to realise conversions and ROI is the next step we’re excited to see (and make!) happen in 2017.

eDMs – Georgia
Tossed aside no more! Emails direct to your consumer are now back in vogue. Particularly with more and more data captured, allowing marketers to reach out to users depending on their on-site behaviours.

Obtaining an email address is like being invited into the digital home of your consumer. The emails you send are 100% owned by you, and eDM ROI is around four times the amount over other marketing channels. The important thing to understand here is how your audience is interacting with your emails so that a strategy can be devised to ensure conversion. With behavioural marketing making leaps and bounds in innovation, we anticipate strategies changing from a monthly send, to a more personalised strategy, targeting specific consumers based on their click throughs and behaviours.

Timely Content & Live Streaming – Kat 
The true functionality of social is having a reprise – the see it now or lose it forever mentality is something for brands to consider in 2017. Opportunities for exclusive deals or campaigns run on Snapchat or via Instagram Stories is a great way to create a buzz and urgency in the marketplace today. With the instant gratification that users are now accustom to, it’s time for brands to create strategies with this type of behaviour in mind. Preliminary examples of this are brands such as Officeworks offering same day pick up, but extending to ideas such as instant rewards. For an elaborate version of instant gratification see Nokia’s example of their Four Square gifting machine.

Live streaming is a natural additiion to timely content too; in the wake of Meerkat (RIP) we expect to see more live streaming, particularly that now that Facebook has launched Facebook Live, users may feel more inclined to view Periscope. Live streaming fits with the try-before-you buy mentality that social has encouraged and further more has helped people to overcome FOMO – you can be everywhere at once!

Users growing familiarity with this type of functionality means that marketers will need to be aware and ready to jump onboard for 2017. Many publishers have already jumped on board, such as Buzzfeed and Refinery29, however we really liked seeing Benefit add to the mix with their ‘Tipsy Tricks’ – perfect for the silly season?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our trends wrap for 2017, and the team at Nitty Gritty wish you a Merry Christmas and excellent New Year! We’ll be offline over the holiday period, and back and ready to go as of January 5. See you on the flip-side!