Why We ♥️ Emoji’s

From humble beginnings in online chatrooms, the emoji has evolved to become part of our everyday communication. Now considered by many to be its own language with over six billion being sent every day, brands are using emoji’s to infiltrate digital platforms, transcend language and tone barriers, and to demonstrate they are on top of the latest communication trends.

A well thought out emoji can help to re-establish cues that are missing in text, as well as making the tone seems more familiar and friendly. It’s not hearsay either, a study from the Journal of Social Neuroscience found that when we look at a smiley face online, the same parts of our brain are activated as when we look at a human face.  😁  We’ve always known it pays to be nice, but now we have proof; brands and individuals who use positive emoji’s are often more popular and influential. Emoji’s can transcend digital platforms too; eDM open rates have been found to increase anywhere between 2% – 56% dependent on the symbol used in the subject line.

Creating brand tailored emojis was the shiny new marketing solution a lot of brands were jumping on circa 2015-2016. Dominos were one of the first big brands to create an advertising campaign based purely around emojis. Their emoji based ordering system won the 2015 Cannes Titanium Grand Prix for the most breakthrough ideas of the year. However, this strategy isn’t a Band-Aid solution for all brands. Rather than invest in a bygone marketing bandwagon, choose a set of brand specific emojis that fit your unique brand, pop them into your Style Guide, and stick to them. You’ll humanise your brand, reiterate brand pillars, and tie communication back to your brand.

Although emojis make it easier to convey mood or tone, they should be viewed as a tool to enrich what you are saying, and not as a replacement for good copy. To use emojis purposefully in your marketing, you should understand where they sit in popular culture and with your audience. You can’t go throwing the eggplant emoji around without understanding the (sometimes subtle) undertones. Just because you want to appeal to Gen Y/Z, doesn’t mean you can pepper your updates with assorted emojis and expect it to be well received. The key takeaway here is to keep it natural, and flowing. Respect copy above all, and add emojis in only if they serve to enhance your message.

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